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Chesapeak Boat Lift Services, LLC Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 
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Hi-Tide 6k Gear Drive
12,000 lb capacity X2 Drives with remote control. Very fast lift for very rough exposure.
6,000 lb capacity Plat form lift custom flow through decking
Gear Drive unit. Notice the motor is up away from extreme high tides.
12,000 lb capacity X2 Drive lift with remote control. Aluminum bunks.
Magnum Boat Lifts
8,000 lbs capacity CBX model boat lift. Flat Plate drives. Guide poles cut lower for aesthetics.
10,000 lb capacity CBX model boat lift.  Flat Plate drives.
10,000 lb capacity Sling Lift
Cable on a grooved winder of Sling Lift
1500E Dual Kayak lift. Stainless steel track.
Hi-Tide Boat Lifts
Other Products and Projects
Custom Offshore duck Blind
offshore duck blind
Sides up on offshore duck blind
Fish cleaning table with drawers and knife sharpener.
Use of an outside spanner beam when pilings are too far apart and getting a piling driven isn't a possibility.
Base model 8,000 CBX with timber runner bunks and standard Flat Plate drive units.
Magnum 2800E setup to lift 2 PWC's. 
Stainless steel tracks.
2800E setup for a single boat. Stainless steel tracks.
16,000 lb capacity hybrid lift with Egear srive units and Gem remote control.
Hi-Tide 12k and Spinner PWC lift. Both are very fast for this rough exposure.
Hi-Tide Spinner X2 drive units, aluminum bunks and remote control.
Hi-Tide 30,000 lb capacity lift. Gem remote control.
Hi-Tide 16,000 Gear Drive lift with wood bunks and standard height outside catwalk. 2 Spinners just up the pier.
Triple sweet Hi-Tide 6,000 decked over with Thru-Flow decking used a kayak/SUP launch platform.