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Our Pile Driver
When all you have is a 2800lb hammer everything looks like a piling. 
After the winter of 2013/14 and the subsequent ice damage we could not get any of the existing pile driving companies to move or drive any boat lift pilings. It WAS a real problem for us and our customers. We shopped around and were able to purchase this drop hammer. Though not the fastest method of driving a piling by today's standards, it is the surest bet to reach refusal. 
Since then we have driven around 100 pilings and moved many more. (12/28/2015) Our goal is not to start building piers but to stay agile, specializing in the smaller marine construction projects and simple boat lift pilings. 
Making way. 
Driving 8 class B pilings in the Wye River for a 30,000 lb capacity lift. 
Pulling out some rotten pilings and replacing with new in the Langford River.